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re: Maximizing your dps - the crit cap game

Maximizing your dps is so important so I wanted to go over a little about how I play the crit cap game.

First, crit cap for a rogue is 1187 any more than that is pretty useless.

Taking a look at Maximations results shows how this plays out.

More importantly, it also shows the unbuffed crit rating of 1043. This is important because this is the amount you can have before raid buffs and pots to make your crit cap during a raid.

I usually play it safe with around 1060 or so to clear 1187.

To gear up, I use the second column of Maximations spreadsheet for the best items greater then 1187 which mostly translates into total Attack Power. In order to figure it out, I printed it off and went through the second column score to mark the top 5 or so ap items. Stack AP gear until you reach 1060ish crit.

Another way to help the above is to maximize your Planar Attunement. "Lac why would I want to do that?"
Here's the deal, you can significantly gain attack power by specing your PA correctly. Here's what I did:

I got a Molten Brand and a Savage Beast Carver, and the Problem Solver. Sword, Dagger, Gun. It looks like I have about 24k PA. Let's rock this:

As you can see you're rocking 42dex which is going to help you stack more ap items, runes or sigil. I'm also getting 16ap from my gun, my sword, and my dagger strengthening my dps. You can also stack more dex to yet again stack more ap items.

This is how I roll. When I roll different specs, different items that have more crit or more ap get switched out. Peace.
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